Be Gay For A Day

“It’s not always a thumb…”- Doug Collins on Michael Jordan.

Lets get something clear, I’m not homophobic, …I don’t think so anyhows? I think it’s great, that in Sport, any sport, men are suppost to act gay. Hugging, kissing, holding, crying, slapping etc. Consider that when all of this is going on, there are still a lot of brute big animals out there that would avoid the gay community like the plague. But they wouldn’t think twice about slapping another mans butt for good luck??!! Double standard anyone?

So we thought about it, and came to the conclusion that, why just leave it at the man-lovers? Why not keep account for all those stories, videos and pictures of women circulating out there on the world wide web? Yeah… ok then, lets go with our first inlay, enjoy! (hrmm, I know how that sounded)

The following column [Be Gay For A Day] came to life when we here at Silent Assassin heard the following statement from coach Phil Jackson:

I think this quote is an indicator of the real reason Phil came back to coach L.A.

“He can become like a thumb that you need to suck when trouble’s going on, and you just stick it back in your mouth. You don’t want [his teammates] to do that with Kobe.”– Phil Jackson on comparing Kobe Bryant to Jordan.

Easier said than done, we got a winner, a new category was born, thanx Phil!

“I’ll suck whatever you want. Sir.”


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