Be Gay For A Day

A Lakers homoerotic moment.

This photo of Karl Malone and Horace Grant kissing Luke Walton flat out disturbs me. Walton just looks way to goddamned happy about it.

If this picture was any gayer, it would be sucking your cock right now.


Jesus tap dancing Christ! This picture looks like it came from some kind of “lockerroom rape fetish” site. Yet another example of how the Lakers ruined Karl Malone.


Bryant: The spawn of evil.

(Be Gay For A Day 17/11 2005 @ 15.00)

Going with the Los Angeles Lakers theme, here’s some random Kobe facts.

We already know how Kobe feels about sex with teammates


1. If NBA games mysteriously lasted a full day (18 hours instead of 48 minutes), and NBA players were magically immune from injury or fatigue (instead of just Allen Iverson), Kobe would average almost exactly 666 shots per game.

2. Every turnover Kobe commits causes the value of the Yen to drop approximately .0001%

3. In a nutshell, The whole story about him being named after a Tokyo beefsteak is urban legend. It’s much much more insidious than that. Kobe’s name spelled backwords is Tnayrb Ebok, an anagram sounding a bit like “To Nay Reebok“. Adidas (a branch of Reebok) is the company Kobe intentionally dragged through the mud with the whole “Colorado ain’t just for skiing anymore” deal …which was, of course, a big misunderstanding. Then the genetic engineers at Nike welcomed their cleverly-named monstrosity with loving arms.

4. Contrary to popular belief, every time Kobe looks smug or cocky on camera, God does not kill a kitten. That’s just crazy.


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