Be Gay For A Day

A real man’s man.

Steve Nash, the reigning NBA MP3, was recently named the Canadian Male Athlete of the Year.

Male Athlete of the Year. Yummy.


Look …I like Steve. I really do. But if J.R.R. Tolkien came back from the dead to write a sequel to The Lord of the Rings about a gay elf on a quest to bring laughter and joy to the world, he’d use Nash as a character model. I mean, come on. His fucking action figure is more manly than he is.

More manly than the real thing? Yes.


I couldn’t leave you with only this, now could I? Not when there’s so many more great pictures out there to prove my point.

Damn! He’s sooo cute. Look at that smile.


It would be too easy to make a “Brokeback Mountain” joke here.


Tihihihihihi!” -Stop splashing me Dirk!


And as a finally, here’s a great picture sent in by one of our readers. Just titled: Nash the hippie.

Nevermind the obvious Photoshop work. What’s up with that pose by Nash?


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