Be Gay For A Day

I know that sometimes amazing things happens like: George Lucas decides to make a Star Wars prequel, New Jersey Nets wins a game or me being standing and not blacking out, after a night in town. What I mean to say is that: We have a winner, the mix of the fun and bizare with the homoerotic. The Rubber Gay For A Day was born.

More Kobe bashin, literally.

God, sometimes it just feels so good to hate Kobe Bryant. When I woke up this morning and saw this picture, I thought Christmas had come again…

Awh… did little Kobe get a boo boo?


Apparently, Mike Miller unintentionally whacked Kobe in the head during the Grizzlies’ 100-99 overtime victory over the Lakers. Of course, Kobe got all tough guy and later drew a flagrant foul for elbowing Miller in the throat as Mike drove to the hoop. Said Kobe: “Any player that was going to come down the lane at that point in time, I was going to let him know that he just can’t walk through there.” Yeah, it’s funny …I don’t remember Kobe committing a flagrant foul on Shaq a few days ago when he was walking into the lane and dunking all over Chris Mihm. Probably because he knows he’d have ended up in a bucket somewhere labeled “What’s Left of Kobe Bryant.”

Anyway, Kobe continues to jack up the ball at an unprecedented rate. He’s like that drunk guy at the bar who thinks a girl will go home with him if he just keeps buying her drink after drink. He was 13-37 last night, with 19 [!!] free throw attempts, meaning he shot the ball almost 50 times. Imagine if he hadn’t had to leave the game to get stitched up. He might’ve taken 60.

Funtastic Extra: I just had to include this incredibly gay picture of Kobe wearing tights and leaping through the air. Does this picture make any sense to anybody?! Even the ref has a “WTF?!!” look on his face.

“I soar on the wings of my dreams.”


How about Kobe’s “little school girl walk“?

“I’m sooo happy …so happy!”


“Ihhhhhhhhh! -I saw a spider!”


Seriously… Kobe, come on, why?


I know this is supposed to be a homoerotic column but I feel the need to see a real girl after that last picture. I can’t tell how you guys feel, but I need this.

Ahhhh, much better, I’m myself again.


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