Word on the Street

Ball-hoggery (bahl hog’-uh-ree) noun. An excessive desire to handle and/or shoot the basketball more than one needs or deserves, even when it significantly inhibits the involvement of their teammates and undermines the team’s ability to compete.

Usage example:He could score 80, 90, or even 100 points, but Kobe Bryant’s ball-hoggery will still make me want to spend the rest of my life scraping out my eyeballs with a rusty ice pick.

Word usage: Most professional athletes are egotistical, to either a greater or lesser extent. But some players (we’re not naming any names *cough* Kobe Bryant *cough*) take selfishness to a new level where you honestly start to wonder whether they’re even playing the sport you thought you were watching. The term “ball-hoggery” is reserved for such players; i.e., if there’s only one set of prints on the basketball, chances are you’re witnessing an example of ball-hoggery.

Only Kobe could defy all known laws of time and space to take three shots at the same damn time.


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