Word on the Street

Dunleavy (dun’-leev-ee) verb. dunleavied, dunleavying, dunleavies. To seemingly force a far superior player into a subpar performance for the duration of a single game. Typically, this is simply the result of an “off night” for the superstar in question, but the lesser player is sometimes incorrectly credited with being a “stopper.”

Usage example:Did you hear that LeBron shot 5 for 22 last night? He got dunleavied.

Word history: Coined by the Silent Assassin Staff after Mike Dunleavy supposedly harassed LeBron James into a poor performance. Note that LeBron scored 51 points the very next night.

Even Shaq gets dunleavied from time to time.


Labels: LeBron James / Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq) / Mike Dunleavy / Word on the Street


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