Be Gay For A Day

The Gatorade conspiracy.

Have you ever pulled a joke on somebody, but you could never tell them about it because it was a prank so foul, so degrading, so truly evil …that revealing it would have had dire consequences? Like maybe spitting on someone’s food or stealing the Playboy they kept under their mattress during puberty for emergency masturbatory purposes? (And yes: I’m talking to you, Roger, you thieving bastard!)

Sure you have. We all have. But this isn’t the place for confessions, so please don’t flood our inbox with comments about how you replaced your sister’s birth control pills with Tic Tacs. If we really cared about your life, we’d call ourselves “Dear Abby,” and we would suck.

No, today I want to expose the conspiracy the people at Gatorade have been perpetrating on the sports drink drinking public for the past few decades. I first discovered their dastardly plot back in high school, but just like when you accidentally walked in on your grandparents having sex – ugly, sweaty, disgusting sex – I haven’t had the courage to talk about it. Until now.

So let’s begin. Please look at the following image and tell me what you see.


Not sure? Okay, look more closely. Much more closely…


Okay. If you said anything other than “penis,” then you’re either a liar, a eunuch, or a Gatorade employee trying desperately to hold onto your job. Because it is, in fact, a Gatorade bottle:

You thought it was a penis. Admit it.


How is it that no one else has ever brought this up? The bottle that contains the most popular sports drink on the planet looks like a big, thick, throbbing penis, from the clearly defined and strangely textured head to the perfectly tapered shaft. The only thing missing are a few well-placed veins. Of course, the Gatorade apologists could argue that the male penis comes in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, many of which are strange and asymmetrical. The Gatorade bottles, on the other hand, have standard sizes and are all perfectly proportional. To which I say: whatever.

Experience the bolder taste …of fruit-flavored cock.


Maybe it’s all a simple misunderstanding. Maybe nature figured out billions of years ago that the penis was the perfect fluid dispenser, and now people are just unconsciously copying that design. I mean, the phallic shape is everywhere: pencils, missles, rocket ships, skyscrapers, mustard containers, hot dogs, baseball bats …the list could literally go on and on. So sure, perhaps the penis is the perfect shape for just about anything. But that still doesn’t explain the overt and obvious sexual connotations in ads like this:

Come on, now. I’ve seen porn that isn’t this blatant.


I just can’t accept the idea that this is just a coincidence. There’s no way. Which brings me to the conspiracy part. Why do I think it’s a conspiracy, you ask? Think about it. You take the world’s premier sports drink and package it inside a giant penis-shaped thing, and you know what happens? Every macho stud, every muscular he-man, every guy who takes his masculinity just a little bit too seriously…at some point is going to put a cock in his mouth and suck. That’s right. Because no one drinks Gatorade out of a cup, and you have to actively squeeze on and suck out of the bottle to get the drink to dispense as fast as you want it.

Are you still a doubter? Do you think I’m overreacting, or, at worst, just making up wild stories? Fine. Believe what you will. But before you make your final decision, consider this screen capture from an actual Gatorade advertisement that ran during a televised basketball game this season:

Under a black light, Gatorade looks just like …well, you know.


Uh huh. The Gatorade people are all but rubbing our noses in it. You know somewhere there are several rich men sitting in a board room and laughing like Dr. Evil every time they watch Michael Jordan give a big, sloppy blow job on national television. Gatorade commercials tend to feature our best athletes, whether male or female, and they all without exception show said athlete slurping down nutritious, electrolyte-laden fluids straight from the universal life source. Sometimes they pour it all over themselves, bukake-style, and, for God’s sake, they even sweat it out of their very pores (as exampled above). Few men are as homophobic as professional male athletes, and few women are as liberated as professional female athletes, and we get to see them all play the bitch to a giant phallic symbol, again and again, on national television. Gatorade’s tagline “Is It In You?” is pretty appropriate, but if that’s not “subtle” enough, maybe they should change it to “Is It Thrusting Hard And Deep Into You?”.

And if you think about it, the joke is really never-ending. I, for one, will never be able to watch someone drink Gatorade without wincing, laughing, or both (probably both). Need proof? Go do a Google image search for Gatorade. You know what you’ll find? Pictures like this:

This poor kid took the “money shot” at his soccer game.


You’ll also find pictures like this:

Young women are perfecting their blowjob skills in schoolyards across the country. With a little help from Gatorade, of course.


You’ll even find pictures like this, where a seemingly innocent senior picture turned into something much more suggestive:

An innocent senior picture, or a production still from Fill All Her Dirty Holes Again – Part 17?


It seems like our whole society is preoccupied with the male penis. And this isn’t a new thing. Have you ever seen an Ancient Egyption obelisk? Ancient Greek and Roman columns? Cock-shaped weapons like the sword and spear were specifically designed for quick, powerful thrusting. I guess the major difference between the ancients and us is that, back then, phallic symbols were reserved for things like art, war, and architecture. Now they’re used for everything from flying into space to replacing the complex carbohydrates we lose while running a marathon.

And so we have the Gatorade bottle. So much of the advertising for this stuff centers around “increased stamina” and the ability to “last longer” in sports and other activities. So maybe it’s just natural that the vessle for this amazing concoction would be the living symbol for strength and endurance. And the best part is, Gatorade turns sticky when it dries, just like cum. So the Gatorade people have done everything they can to rehydrate us while using the most powerful and lasting icon in the history of mankind.

And if this is all just some whimsical flight of fancy on my part, then I can only offer my most sincere apology. But if you’re ever caught away from home without your favorite sex toys, and you need a little help “getting the job done,” you can find Gatorade almost anywhere anything is sold. I’m just sayin’.

Gatorade comes in virtually any size and shape you may need for, you know, whatever.


Homotastic edit: I took some serious criticism from fellow Silent Assassin Peter “Badass” Larsson for not including a picture of Michael Jordan getting it on with his Gatorade. So, without further ado…

Yes, even Michael Jordan enjoys cool liquid refreshment from a giant penis.


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