Word on the Street

Superdickery (soo’-pur-dik’-ur-ee) noun. A thoroughly offensive and completely despicable act, usually justified by fans and the media as a natural result of the ultra-competitive atheletic spirit.

Usage example:When Michael Jordan punched out Will Perdue just for setting a pick on him in practice, that was a textbook case of superdickery.

Word trivia: The term “superdickery” was created by the author of the Superdickery.com website. The word is a reference to the often-cruel behavior that Superman displays on many Silver Age comic book covers, the result of a common promotional tactic in which the front cover featured a scene so baffling and apparently nonsensical that readers would be compelled to buy the comic just for the explanation. This, then, is a perfect term to describe the absurd conduct of certain basketball players – from the open and obvious abuse of teammates to claims like someone needs at least 14 million dollars a year to feed their family.

I guess Michael Jordan isn’t the only guy to ever punch out a teammate.


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