Word on the Street

Dunk Face (dungk fas) noun. The facial expression someone makes before, during, and/or after performing a slam dunk. This is usually either a look of berserk intensity or hilarious absurdity.

Usage example:Shaq looks really goofy when he makes a dunk face.

Word trivia: The notion of a dunk face has been around ever since Darryl Dawkins first arrived from Lovetron to conquer our planet’s backboards. However, Michael Jordan probably popularized the dunk face with his stupid stick-my-tongue-out thing. (Am I the only person who hoped he’d someday bite it off?) But now the dunk face isn’t just reserved for the game’s greatest dunkmeisters; now everybody – and I mean everybody – has a dunk face. Even Greg Ostertag [!!] has a dunk face, which I refuse to show here.

Just call him “The Big Dorktastic“.


Labels: Darryl Dawkins / Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq, The Big Dorktastic) / Michael Jordan / Greg Ostertag / Word on the Street


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