Word on the Street

Three Guard (thre gard) noun. A guard who is allowed to both bring the ball upcourt and shoot at every opportunity.

Usage example:Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson are the league’s preeminent Three Guards.

Word history: From the book Hoops Nation: The three guard is a hybrid of the point guard (often referred to as the “One“) and the shooting guard (often referred to as the “Two Guard“). The Three Guard’s name derives from the fact that he not only brings the ball upcourt, the traditional duty of the One, but he also shoots it just about every time, shooting as much as the One and Two Guards combined (1 + 2 = 3, after 3, after 3). This type of guard is crucial – even indispensable – to any team that wants to make sure there isn’t an overabundance of passing, chemistry, or team play on their squad.

You just know he’s thinking “shoot”.


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