Be Gay For A Day

NBA Bitches Vol. 1 – Shawn Bradley.

Wanna watch Shawn “The Stormin’ Morman” Bradley get dunked on, over and over again, in the most painful and personally embarrassing ways? I can’t believe I’m even asking…of course you do! As a sidenote, I never realized that Bradley was Shaq’s very own personal Craig Ehlo.

Watch this amazing clip of Bradley being body slammed like a ragdoll by Pack-Man.


How about Shawn Bradley as the standstill-can’t-lift-my-feet defender?


Funtastic extra: According to Wikipedia, Bradley – also referred to as “The Mormon Mantis” – was “known for getting into foul trouble due to his lack of coordination and his awkward body type.” A fitting epitaph to an unsightly NBA career.


NBA Players: Special “whipped” edition.

(Be Gay For A Day 6/4 2006 @ 14.30)

When I was just doodling around the house I found this little piece. MAXIM has released a list of America’s Most Whipped Athletes, and – surprise!! – NBA players Antonio Davis and Doug Christie made the cut (numbers 4 and 1 respectively).

“Baby, you’re fucking nuts …but I love you!”


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