Word on the Street

LeBron-a-thon (luh-brawn’-uh-thon’) noun. The continuous and saturating sports media coverage of anything that has to do with NBA superstar LeBron James.

Usage example:The LeBron-a-thon continued today with a Sports Center segment about LeBron’s favorite ice cream flavors, and it will carry on tonight with a special on the sock puppet LeBron made in third grade.

Word history: The term “LeBron-a-thon” was coined in this article written by ESPN.com columnist Marc Stein prior to LeBron’s rookie season. I presume it was used sarcastically, since the premise of the article was “31 things that don’t have to do with LeBron James.” If desired, you could probably use the term interchangeably so that it applies to other players who are receiving excessive media coverage (e.g., Ostertag-a-thon), although the phonetic similarity between LeBron” and “a-thon” makes this a particularly fun word to say.

Word trivia: Just how excessive has the ongoing LeBron-a-thon been? Well, let me put it this way: ESPN ran an entire segment that revolved around LeBron playing with a remote-controlled Hummer at practice. While he was still in high school. ‘Nuff said.

When is a high school kid playing with a remote control car news? When he’s LeBron freaking James.


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