Word on the Street

Kobegate (Ko’-be-gat) noun. The continuous and saturating media coverage of the Kobe Bryant sexual assault trial.

Usage example:Kobegate may not have affected Bryant on the court, but it certainly hurt his endorsement deals. On the upside, his wife got a $20 million diamond ring out of it.

Word history:Kobegate” was coined by ESPN.com columnist Marc Stein (who also created the term “LeBron-a-thon“). The Bryant rape trial got so much press that it almost completely overshadowed the entire 2003-04 NBA season, and even the most casual fan can probably still tell you where Kobe likes to choke someone during sex. Both Kobe-lovers and Kobe-haters alike were relieved when the case got dropped …because we were all, without exception, sick and tired of hearing about it. It’s probably a sad commentary on our society that there was far greater coverage of Kobegate than there has been of the Saddam Hussein trail. Because egomaniacs cheating on their wife and getting caught are much more interesting than mass-murdering dictators.

Everybody was glad to see Kobegate come to an end. Especially Kobe.


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