Word on the Street

White Chocolate (wit chok’-lut) noun. A Caucasian basketball player who plays a street-rooted style of basketball that is typically associated with African Americans.

Usage example:Did you see that white guy toss a sick no-look pass while spinning through the air? That boy is White Chocolate.

Word trivia: While Jason Williams is the most prominent NBA player to be called “White Chocolate,” the term is used extensively in pick-up games and rec leagues across the country to describe “white guys who got game.” And now that Williams basically walks it up court and just spots up for open jumpers, streetballer Randy Gill is the world’s most famous White Chocolate. Randy won Magic Johnson’s reality television show Who’s Got Game (and a hundred grand) by beating eleven other streetball legends. When he’s not breaking ankles on the asphalt, he tours the country as an inspirational speaker, touting a tagline of “Believe To Achieve!”

Remember, they call him White Chocolate because of his game. Just his game.


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