Word on the Street

Bonk (bongk) verb. To strike someone with a foreign, hard plastic object or in this case, a basketball. A bonk will usally result in a loud “crack” if performed corectly. A well place hit on the ass, will result in a red inflammed welt which will be sensitive to the touch for hours.

Usage example: Oh man! I hate losing 1-on-1, it always ends up with a hard-ass bonk!

Word history: First used in the great movie “Above the Rim” where leading role: Duane Martin (Kyle Lee Watson) plays 1-on-1 with the neighborhood bum, Flip. (Played by actor Bernie Mac .RIP.) When Kyle wins, he becomes upset when Flip doesn’t want any part of the following “bonk“. But soon comes down to earth when he gets his ass handed to him by Shep (Leon). Kyle takes his punishment, but the bonk never comes, Shep just leaves him with the words; “You don’t owe me, you owe yourself.”

Word lesson: Do not do this, I repeat, do NOT do this, unless you are 100% certain to win. GOT DAMN it hurts! When you line up at the baseline, make sure that your opponent don’t cheat, and comes closer than agread upon. I mean, when done right, you wont be able to sit for a week.

I only wish that my 1-on-1 games could have ended more like this!


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