Word on the Street

Flop-ternity (flahp-tur’-nuh-te) noun. The brotherhood of NBA basketball players who have mastered and are active practitioners of the art of flopping.

Usage example:Vlade Divac isn’t just a member of the NBA flop-ternity …he’s also the headmaster.

Word history: The term was coined by Shaq while prepping for the Heat’s Eastern Conference Semifinals showdown with the New Jersey Nets. While discussing the Nets’ flopping big men, O’Neal said:

“They’re all the same. They’re all [members of a] little flopping fraternity. A flop-ternity, that’s what I call it.”

Current members of the NBA flop-ternity include Manu Ginobili, Raja Bell, Derek Fisher, and Jason Collins. One day, if they work really hard, they may be inducted into the Super Secret Brotherhood of Evil Floppers, which is headed by Vlade Divac and includes such all-timers like Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, and Reggie Miller.

Future Hall of Shamer in the flop-ternity?


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