Word on the Street

Pizzarrhea (peet-suh-ree-uh) noun. The sudden onset of diarrhea by means of the consumption of pizza, be it bad or otherwise.

Usage example: I shouldn’t have had that celebration pizza after we won the game. I got a bad case of the pizzarrhea.

Word history: The story begun when my old team was heading out to celebrate a tough and hard win, against a really good division 1 team. I mean, the guys had played there hearts out, and we all deserved some big time munchies. We stopped at a local pizza place and started to scarve down. To make a long story short: Almost the whole team was sick in bed that night. The fun part?? On the first bite, Mikael “factorX” Andersson said:

“Damn, there is something wrong with this pizza, I’m sweating my ass off. I think I got the great pizzarrhea.”

Watch out! When the pizzarrhea hits, there is no safe place to be standing.


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