Be Gay For A Day

No talent? No problem, sell sex instead…

Ok, ok… I know this is supposed to be the man-love section of the blog, but… sex is still sex in any shape!

Apparently, the Boston Celtics are in the process of holding auditions for the first ever Celtics Dancers. I find it depressing that the once great Boston Celtics – the team that held my full and undivided attention for over a decade, the team that once boasted Larry Bird and later had a chance to retain him as GM – are now so off my radar that I didn’t even know that they had not yet started up a cheerleading team. I guess somewhere in my subconscious, I assumed they had already done it in a pathetic effort to divert attention from the utter lack of talent on the court…

…but now it’s official. Mark this as the moment that the Celtics have jumped the shark (as if there haven’t already been plenty of moments prior to this). By creating a cheerleading team, Resident Genius Danny Ainge and other execs have officially decided that they don’t have enough boobs in the organization. If Red Auerbach had any real power left, he would crush those responsible. Nowadays, however, all he can do is wait in earnest for death, so that he might begin rolling over in his grave.

Oh well, at least it gives us an excuse to look at hot babes in skimpy cutoffs dancing in front of decades-old Celtics Championship banners.

Need to rekindle your interest in sex, Superman, and the Boston Celtics? Voila.


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