Word on the Street

Rock-ism (rok-‘ezem) noun. A line of phrases, when you talk about yourself in third person and mock your opponent, while acting really cocky.

Usage example: “[insert your name] says this: [insert your name] is gonna drive to the basket, and you can’t stop me! Can you smell what [insert your name] is cooking?”

Word history: Coined in 1996 by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, when he worked for the WWE. The Rock had a character that was a egomaniac. He always spoke about himself in third person, like he was above all the rest. His early intervju’s are hilirious, that’s right, we got internet now, lets see what I’m talking about.


Rock-tastic extras: Me and a fellow baller walked home from practice on evening, just talking having a laugh, and so, after 20 minutes. Leo turns to me and ask: Why the hell do you keep talking about yourself in third person? Conclusion: I had done it without even thinking about it. So I guess Rock-ism works even when you’re not mocking another man. You just have to be a egomaniac, -check!-


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