Word on the Street

Leprechauns in the Building (lep-ruh-kawns in de bil-ding) noun. Everything that has to do with the Celtics magic. From winning 17 championships to makin’ impossible shots.

Usage example: “Paul Pierce hit a long range, falling out of bounce, back against the basket, shot!!! Damn, there must have been leprechauns in the building that night.”

Word trivia: The phrase, I guess started when the Boston Celtics was formed back in 1946. From 1957 to 1969, the Celtics dominated the league winning 11 championships in 13 years, and eight in a row (1959–1966), the longest consecutive championship streak of any North American pro sports team. The Celtics mystic can be found all around: Red Auerbach signing Larry Bird, even though he had a year left in college, and didn’t play good at that time. What happend? The next year Bird found his game and led his college team to the finals. Boston got a superstar with a number 6th draft pick. Lets take the last championship as an example: Ray Allen hadn’t shot worth a shit all season and well into the playoffs. What happend? Final game against the Lakers, Ray hit 8-of-9 3-pointers to help the Celt’s capture banner number 17 on June the 17th. Add 17+17 and you have 34, Pierce number, who by the way sealed the deal by choosing to stay with Boston this season. All flukes? Who knows, look it up, there’s more stories out there.




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