Word on the Street

Brick (brik) noun. Bricks A block of clay hardened by drying in the sun or burning in a kiln, and used for building. When a player -or/and team throws the ball so hard at the backboard that it bounces back out again makin’ a crashing sound.

Usage example: “Damn that Nets team throwing up bricks tonight!”

Word trivia: Bricks originated from the fact that some players (*cough* Fredrik *cough*) throws the ball with so much force that it fictionally tears down the backboard, leaving a pile of bricks on the ground. Usually followed by some lame phrase from opponent, like: “Lets stop the game right now, and collect all these bricks. And build a house, so that your mom has somwhere to live.”

A first grade example of the “brick” @ the 0.05 mark.


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