Word on the Street

3-on-3-on-3 (three-on-three-on-three) preposition. A type of basketball game where you are 3 teams and go at each other back and forth.

Usage example: “Last practice we were only nine players, so we decided to play a little 3-on-3-on-3.”

Word rules: The origins of the phrase is not known, and players all over the world are still asking themself who coined it. Nevertheless, we all still play it. You line up on full court, 3 defenders at each basket. Then you got 3 players in the middle. The middle 3 then decides which way to attack. If the middle team score they keep going to the next basket across court and try to score on that one. The game is 5 or 7, and you get 1 point for each basket and 2 point outside the arc. Loose ball or out and you give the ball to the defenders.

Extreme version: Same as before, but this time the defenders meet your team halfway, and the other side are gonna try to take the ball as you rush for halfcourt. So if you ain’t quick enough you will be playing 6 defenders. (that’s bad) In the extreme version you only get 1 point from every place, this is design so that you have to get closer to the basket. (No point in shooting a 3-pointer if you only get one!)

No time to rest, when your done here, is back up the court again.


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