Word on the Street

2-1-2 Defense (too-wuhn-too dih-fens) noun. A zone defense where you post defenders like a box and one defender in the middle.

Usage example: “The best way to protect the 3-point line is a 2-1-2 defense.”

Word characteristics: How this zone works is the base, from where the Box-n-1 is build. Only in the 2-1-2 defense the middle defender stays and control the defense. You use this defense when the other team has lots of 3-point shooters, like the Orlando Magic, who got only one inside player. It doesn’t have to be defender (3), you can switch with either one of the other four defenders. But the most effective 2-1-2 zone is when the middle guy is a small forward, leaving 2 guards with a great heads up, to run the break if there is a steal.

Defender number 3 is the key, leaving two big guys to defend the basket, and two guards to run the break.


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