Word on the Street

Iron Man Match (ahy-ern man mach) noun. A basketball game, of great physical endurance where the players can be depended upon to perform at a high level, tirelessly.

Usage example:Steve Nash’s 3-pointer tied the game at 122 a-piece, I think we’re gonna move into a third overtime. This has really turned out to be an iron man match.

Word history: Coined by Silent Assassin one summer when a pick-up game seem’d to have no end. The deal was: You have to win by 2 point. Amazing shoots, ground-breakin’ moves, unbelievable defense made this game last for almost 1 hour!!?? Afterwards someone said; “We could as well have enter’d the ironman championships. That would have been easier.”

Shaq vs. Shaq  = Iron Man Match.


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