Word on the Street

Lawler’s Law (lah-lurz lah) noun. The popular belief that the first team to score 100 points will win the game.

Usage example:The Golden State Warriors were the first team to 100 last night, and they won. Of course, it helped that the Pistons scored only 93 points…

Word history: The term was coined by Ralph Lawler, the longtime radio and television broadcaster who has been the “Voice of the Clippers” for over 27 years (including over 1,600 consecutive games). According to his Wikipedia site: “In games involving the Clippers since 1978, Lawler’s Law has been true 91.5% of the time.” This isn’t too surprising, considering how awful the Clippers have been over the years. If Lawler’s Law stated that “the first team to score 60 points will win,” it still would have been right about 85 percent of the time.


If you become a famous broadcaster, you to can make up words and name them after yourself.


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