Word on the Street

Psych-out (sahyk-out) noun. An act of saying, short right to the point bad things, usually at the foul line.

Usage example: “Raja Bell told Kobe: ‘Your mother was in my locker room earlier.’ Kobe ended up missing both his freethrows. That was such a psych-out.”

Word history: The phrase dates back to somwhere around the ’40s. Where the big league schools used to taunt the small teams from the country side. Ex. About their uniform, their hight, their hair (?), and so on. Be sure not to say anything that can be reversed, like: “You can’t shoot freethrows!” It might end up as a “reverse psych-out” if the shooter makes his freethrows. Then you can counter back the reverse psych-out ending up in a “psych-reverse-psych-out”. Ex. Jordan tells rookie Dikembe that he is going to shoot the next freethrow with his eyes closed. (Why would you use that as a psych-out?) Dikembe tells Jordan that he won’t do it.  Needless to say, Jordan takes the shot, and makes it. Ergo reversing the reverse psych-out.


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