Word on the Street

2 Step Psych-out (too step sahyk-out) noun. A form of psych-out, where a second guy repeats the original psych-out. Usually in the form of a fan.

Usage example: Fan nr. 1: ‘Your team sucks!’, Fan nr. 2: ‘ …Sucks!’

Word history: Originated in the movie Celtic Pride from 1996. Where two die hard Celtics fans, Mike O’Hara (Daniel Stern) and Jimmy Flaherty (Dan Aykroyd), does everything to make the Celtics win their last game in the old Boston Garden. And I mean everything, right down to kidnapping the starting guard for the Utah Jazz, Lewis Scott (Damon Wayans). When in the crowd, behind the Jazz bench, Mike and Jimmy starts their 2 step psych-out program.

1. Mike: “Go home Jazz, it’s over! Jazz music sucks!” Jimmy: “sucks!”

2. Mike: “Why don’t you go back to Utah, and get yourself some more wives?” Jimmy: “more wives!”

3. Mike: “If Lewis Scott ever pass you the ball, you probably wet your freakin’ pants!” Jimmy: “pants!”

4. Mike: “You’re in Beantown now baby!” Jimmy: “Beantown, baby!”

5. Mike: “You guys suck so bad, that Nike should take your shoes away!” Jimmy: “Nike! Shoes away!”

And my personal favorite:

6. Mike: “Hey Scott! I hear Manute Bol is banging your mom!” Jimmy: “Manute Bol! Your Mom!”

“Go back home to mormon town, you purple wearing pantsies!”


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