Word on the Street

Great White Shark (greit wahyt shahrk) noun. A player who finds the weakest opponent on the court and attack.

Usage example: “Larry Bird was the ultimate great white shark of the NBA. He was a expert, at finding the other teams weakest, most vunerable player, and then attack relentless.”

Word history: Also known as great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death. The picture mankind has of the great white shark, is as a “ferocious man eater”, and it’s from this picture the basketball phrase comes from. This is another Silent Assassin original. Invented by yours truly and coined by a player in my pickup league, Montana. When he brought this amazing video to my attention. Watch it, and get your goosebumps working, and on a final note, I just have to say: LL Cool J rocks! Thanx TM …again.


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