Word on the Street

Big Balls (big bawls) noun. A player with more spirit than skills, more courage than brains. A player who’s lack of talent is made up by fighting harder than the skilled players.

Usage example: “A guy in my pickup league isn’t the best player around, but he plays every posession like it’s the last. He got big balls.”

Word trivia: Nowdays the phrase is almost gone, except in some pickup leagues. Where the less talented is still hustling for loose balls, and hanging about. In the old days, there were many hard workers, that wouldn’t take any shit from anybody on the court. You can say that the courts back in the days, were filled with big balls. (*girls laugh*) I think the best player to demonstrate what I mean is Kurt Rambis, Kurt hang around the NBA for 18 long seasons, with no talent what so ever. Surviving only on his meanstreak and elbows.

Instead of showing a picture of big balls (!), -that’s another column all together-, I chose to include some music that display the word better than any picture ever could.


Then there is the risk that you put your foot where your mouth should be, trashing a better player. This will, with no doubt, end up with you, being pushed into a corner, with your balls to the wall.


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