Word on the Street

Army Ball (ahr-mee bawl) noun. A type of basketball game, where the game is rougher and harder, and the fouls are non existence. Often played in combat boots, to hurt more, when stepping on toes.

Usage example: “When you really got a grudge against someone, you settle that shit over a game of army ball.”

Word history: Coined by Silent Assassin one summer. In the old gangs neighborhood there was a small, dirty half court with one basket. The half court was surrounded by a high fence, and the whole feel was real “prison like“. That summer two mates started trashing, and elbowing each other. (Don’t know, if it was the heat, or what?) Both of them fouled each other real hard and wouldn’t let the rest of us stop the game. We’re talking about bloody knees, bloody hands, bloody nose, you name it. But they wouldn’t stop playing. (That’s some mofo shit for you right there!) It ended, (way over due) by the rest of us, having to drag the two apart and drench them in ice water. A new word was born, army ball: Be all that you can be.

Word example: Other variation of the word army ball includes: Army rules, army bounce and the “no blood, no foul” got-nothing-on-this-game.

You were thinking UFC? Sorry… just a game of army ball!


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