Word on the Street

Act Like You Have A Pair (akt lahyk yoo hav ey pair) noun. Said to players who doesn’t perform up to their capability -or/and bitch alot, or to a team mate that’s being owned by his opponent in the game.

Usage example: “All Melo does nowdays is complain, he should act like he had a pair!”

Word history: I guess the phrase was coined by players that got tired of hearing other players whine and complain. About how hard everybody is fouling them, or how their leg hurts, or that their arm is still fractured, that’s why they didn’t hit that jumper… etc… etc. As a notice, when saying this to a inferior team mate, he could develop a case of the big balls syndrome, ending up saving your team that game. But in 99% of the case, the missing of balls is nothing you can do anything about. You just have to come to term with, that some players only have one ball, the orange and black one.

Word example: Can also be used as: Grow a pair, grow some balls, pick your game up, show your cahones, or my favorite: Just stop complaining and play!

Stop your crying! Life ain’t gonna get easier, …deal with it!


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