Word on the Street

Odenize (od’-n-iz’) verb. To find one’s center, or inner peace, in the face of an emotional, physical, or otherwise challenging situation. Odenizing oneself in times of overwhelming sadness, joy, or despair can prevent the situation from getting worse.

Usage example:After the Blazers started the season 5-12, they took a deep breath, Odenized themselves, and have since won 8 straight.”

Word history: “Odenize” and its accompanying definition were created by Portland Trail Blazer fan Jeremy Myrland. The term first appeared in print on TrueHoop (The Power of Odenized Thinking), and it later made it’s way into this ESPN the Magazine commercial: (Look at the 0.14 mark.)


Odenization isn’t just some nonsensical hocus pocus, like Ouija boards or Scientology. It’s real. Jeremy used its awesome power to resist shedding even a single tear during his wedding, making him the first human being to ever accomplish this feat. And the Blazers themselves, even without the injured Oden, have totally Odenized this season. Left for dead and fully expected to fail spectacularly, the Blazers have overcome a 5-12 start to win eight games in a row. Jarrett Jack may have called it “contagious confidence,” but we all know it’s really the power of Odenization in action.

How to Odenize: Life got you down? Don’t worry. You too can harness the miraculous power of Odenization. But how, you ask? Just follow Jeremy’s simple, step-by-step instructions: “It involves closing your senses to the outside world and only thinking of Greg Oden, his monotone voice, and how great it is that he’s going to be a Portland Trail Blazer.” This may require you to become a Trail Blazer fan, so if you aren’t one already, start now.

Think Joel Pryzbilla and the Blazers have been Odenized? You’d better believe it.


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