Word on the Street

Mr. Butter Fingers (mis-ter buht-er-fing-gerz) noun, plural -gers. ( used with a singular verb ) In basketball it means a player that has slippery fingers. A player that can’t control the rock around the basket. Reciving a pass or giving a pass.

Usage example: “A clean pass to LeBron, but the ‘King’ couldn’t hold on to it. He was mr. butter fingers that night.”

Word history: The word butterfingers dates back to 1840 somwhere, couldn’t find a accurate date. Mr. butter fingers is a new word and used often in our pick-up games. (Maybe because we suck at ball?) Don’t know when it begun, but I’m guess’n somebody just got tired off hitting nice open passes, just to see them turn into turnovers. Beacuse of that, that somebody yells out something like: “Hey! Hold on to the friggin’ ball mr. butter fingers!”

Wiping the floor is a sure sign that Mr. Butter Fingers has been present. (I think it’s hilarious that the old dude is mopping when there’s a game in progress.)


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