Word on the Street

Poster Boy (pos’-tuhr boi) noun. A player who gets posterized, be it once, throughout a game, or repeatedly over the course of his entire career (see The Collected Works of Gregory Donovan Ostertag).

Usage example:Kyle Korver recently became the poster boy of the year.”

Word trivia: Kyle Korver isn’t just a career 40 percent three-point marksman and the sine qua non of Utah’s recent upward sweep; he’s also 100 percent Grade A beefcake. I’m completely serious. Go do a Google image search for “Kyle Korver” and you’ll find him …hangin’ with the ladies, …sandwiched between the glandularly challenged, …kickin’ it old school, …wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, …posing in front of a tropical backdrop with some dude, …being all angsty, …breakin’ hearts, …rockin’ the golf shorts, …receiving a foot massage, …flexing, …getting an extreme makeover, …learning that reading is FUN-damental, …auditioning for Mr. Mom 2: Mommier Than Ever, …bein’ a homeboy and signing autographs. All in all, Kyle might be the most posteriffic dude in NBA history.

Silent Assassin’s most favoritest poster boys: Because it never, ever gets old.

1. Greg Ostertag. God, we miss you Greg. We really do.


2. Shawn Bradley: They called him “The NBA Bitch” for a reason. Many reasons, actually.


3. Michael Olowokandi: How’s that ball taste, Kandi Man?


4. Alonzo Mourning: There’s just something sweet about watching a defensive menace getting posterized. Sorry, ‘Zo.


5. Dikembe Mutombo: Kids, this is what happens when you finger wag people.




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