Word on the Street

Kiss Cam (kis kam) noun. An entertaiment feature used during various sporting events in which couples – usually one man and one woman – are shown on an arena’s JumboTron and then encouraged to kiss by the rabid and voyeuristic crowd.

Usage example:During a ‘Kiss Cam’ segment, (Josh) Childress stuck out his tongue with a wide-eyed look and leaned toward (Tyson) Chandler when the pair were shown standing next to each other near the scorer’s table.”

Word trivia: The Kiss Cam is a pretty standard feature of Chicago Bulls home games. Usually, they try to save something special for the final “couple.” Sometimes it’s an elderly couple that will make the crown go “awwwwwwh,” and sometimes it’s just a couple of fat guys used for the official Cheap Laugh. Many fantastic Kiss Cam moments have been recorded for posterity and posted on YouTube. My favorite is this gem from the Atlanta Hawks’ kiss cam, in which 1. Shaq makes out with the top of Dwyane Wade’s head and 2. a female fan gets dissed by her boyfriend and kisses the dude next to her …which causes dude’s girlfriend to take a one-way trip to Crazy Town.


The following Kiss Cam footage is from a Washington Wizards game. I had no idea such a darling little girl could be such a filthy and brutal whore. (You have to watch until the end.)


From the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kiss Cam: Watch Eva Longoria cheat on her husband with a real dog. Huh. Maybe that’s why she keeps Tony on such a tight leash.


And here’s something extra…



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