Word on the Street

Butt Slap (but slap) noun. The act of patting or slapping a teammate on the posterior; used to acknowledge a great play or as a general display of camaraderie.

Usage example:When you go in for a butt slap, don’t use too much cup. Actually, you know what? Just don’t butt slap your teammates. It’s kind of gay.”

Word trivia: Although I’ve been active in team sports since I started playing PAL ball in the fourth grade, I fortunately never got into the habit of butt slapping my teammates. However, I did have one memorable (in the bad way) butt slap experience back in college. At the time, I would go to a local gym to play basketball with and against my ex. girlfriend’s dad, any time I came home for the weekend or on a break.

Normally, I avoid mass showers like the plague because, well, do I really need to explain why? (Okay, fine. The size of my massive penis intimidates most mortal men. Happy now, Mr. Nosy McNosenstein?) But on this particular occasion, “Dad” and I were going back to his house for a family dinner, so I had to look all spiffy (showing up to your girlfriend’s family dinner all sweaty only works if you’re Fabio and your sweat smells like a warm summer day). “Dad” got caught up talking with his brother and some friends who had come out for the game, so my plan was to run to the shower, rinse off super-quick, then scurry back and slip into my clothes …thus achieving minimal body exposure time.

However, just like when I’m actually playing basketball, I wasn’t nearly as fast as I thought. The rest of the group was right behind me. “Dad” was the first one in, and he gave me a hearty slap on my bare ass and said, “Good game.” His brother followed him in and did the same. And so did the rest of the guys. I felt like I was taking part in some kind of strange Fraternity hazing ritual. I mean, those dudes were hitting me hard.

Of course, I know it was just a generational thing. They all grew up playing team sports in a time before athletes were expected to be homophobic. But it was emotionally scarring nonetheless. And I have not taken another shower to this day.

Synonyms: Also referred to as either the ass slap or (more rarely) the sportsman’s slap.

Wally Szczerbiak is the master of  the butt slap.


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