Word on the Street

Satellite (sat’-uh-lit’) verb, -lited, -liting. To very quickly pass the ball inbounds or downcourt in order to initiate a fast break. This is a move that, in many cases, catches the opposing team by surprise.

Usage example:You can bet the Jazz will be ready next time a team satellites the ball against them in an end-of-game situation. Or Jerry Sloan will kill them all.”

Word history: The term was coined by Kyle Korver after Utah’s 97-94 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Brief end-of-game recap: Deron Williams had just banked in a three-pointer to tie the score with about six seconds left. Utah expected Dallas to call timeout …only the Mavs didn’t have one. So Jason Kidd immediately inbounded the ball, catching the Jazz totally off guard. Dallas ran the ball downcourt, Dirk Nowitzki popped a clutch three, and Utah lost.

After the game, Korver was still trying to make sense of what had happened. “They were kind of yelling at first. I think, maybe, I don’t know if they were yelling for a timeout or not. But then Jason (Kidd) satellited it, and we weren’t back, and we should have been, and they got a good look, and he made it.”

And that, kids, is how a new Word on the Street is born. Many thanks to Silent Assassin reader Brian for the find.

Random sitenote: This isn’t the first time Deron Williams hit a big shot in the closing seconds only to be satellited by a pass that won the game. Seriously. It once happened against the Knicks, of all teams.


Damn! That’s some satellite shit for ya right there.


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