Word on the Street

Thug (thuhg) 1. verb, -ged, -ging. The act of committing an unnecessarily hard foul or fouls; this includes both those that are called and those that are either missed or ignored by the referees. 2. noun. One who commits an act of thuggery.

Usage example:Long before Bruce “Lee” Bowen was roaming the hardwood, Bill Laimbeer was the undisputed master of thugging.”

Word trivia: We really do love the 80s, don’t we? The 2008 Playoffs have been filled with so much acrimony and so many hard fouls that somewhere out there Kurt Rambis’ neck is tingling… while Kevin McHale is smiling wistfully. And David Stern – The Iron Boot responsible for stomping out physical play in The League – must be okay with it, because the commish has been uncharacteristically forgiving through it all, from the near death of Ronny Turiaf…


…to the extra little shove Dirk Nowitzki gave Andrei Kirilenko…


…to Antonio Mcdyese hard foul in last nights NBA Live frenzy!


This goes way beyond hombre-ism and straight into the realm of cheap-shotery. And you know what? I love it. I never realized much I enjoyed this kind of tooth-rattling, bone-jarring it’s-okay-to-hate-your-opponents intensity until – all of a sudden, out of nowhere – it was back. Tell the truth: Doesn’t this make the playoffs way more interesting? The word you’re searching for is: Yes.

Thugtastic extra: No thug post would be complete without a Bill Laimbeer mix, now would it?


Awh, come on guys, it’s called rebounding!


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