Word on the Street

Ginobili (gi-nob’-blee) verb. 1. To flop in response to minimal (or perhaps fictitious) contact in order to draw a foul. 2. To greatly overreact to little or no physical stimuli for personal gain.

Usage example:The guy I was guarding just toppled over and started writhing around. I barely touched him, but he got the foul call and his team won the game. I totally got Ginobili’d.”

Word history: This word, inspired by Reebok‘s You got Rondo’d viral video campaign, is destined to become the standard term for describing athletes who needlessly dive, flail, flop, tumble, and/or thrash about for a foul call (and extrapolates to refer to any person who overreacts to minimal physical contact for personal gain). Sure, there are plenty of players who behave this way, but Manu is by far our favorite. Manu, you may not have won the title this year, but you’ll always be first our heart – our cynical, sarcastic heart, that is.

And now… prepare to be Ginobili’d (thanks to this great stop motion clip, that, in my opinion, rivals even the standard-bearing Manu himself):


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