Word on the Street

Shaqenfreude (shak’-uhn-froid’-uh) noun. The pleasure that one basketball player derives from pointing out and/or mocking the misfortune of another player or players. The target can be anyone, but in most cases, it is a bitter, long-time rival.

Usage example:Kareem’s “An Open Letter to Wilt ChumperLame” was pure Shaqenfreude.”

Word history: The term was coined by Eoin of Psychadelic Kimchi in response to the Big Scorner’s recent freestyle Shaq Attack on former teammate and continuing antagonist Kobe Bryant. It is, of course, a parody of the term Shadenfreude, which is the enjoyment taken from another person’s misfortune.

But don’t think for a minute that The Big Creaky invented this phenomenon. Shaqenfreude isn’t a new thing. Not by a long shot. For example, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – after a few decades worth of back-and-forth acrimony with Wilt Chamberlain – included “An Open Letter To Wilt Chumperlame” in his 1989 self-titled autobiography. The rambling “correspondence” goes on for three long and bitter pages, and it includes lines like “Muhammad Ali, he set the record straight on your attributes, saying to me, ‘Wilt can’t talk, he’s ugly and he can’t move!’ Which says it all. So when I dropped those fifty points on you at the Forum …I was just taking advantage of your weak defensive skills.” and “People will remember that I worked with my teammates and helped us win. You will be remembered as a whining crybaby and a quitter, stats and all.”

Classy stuff, huh?

Shaq …will …crush puny humans!


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