Word on the Street

Schrodinger’s Playoff Team (schruh’-deeng-uhz pla’-of teem) noun. Term describing a playoff team which exists in a state being simultaneously dead and alive.

Usage example #1:While the series was still anyone’s to take, that Duncan three turned the Suns into a Schrodinger’s playoff team.”

Usage example #2:Game 1 against Cleveland confirmed Chicago’s status as a Schrodinger’s playoff team.”

Word trivia: A higher-than-usual-brow hat-tip to the famous Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment. For the NBA Playoffs, it would describe the state of a team being alive in the playoffs, yet simultaneously dead due to whatever reason. Thus by definition, a Game 7 or series ending game does not generate a Schrodinger’s playoff team, as the state of said team would clearly be defined as dead, perhaps in a different form of denial such as a playoff apocalypse. Conversely, many Schrodinger’s playoff teams are defined just before or after a Game 1 of a series, in high correlation with the series win percentage of the first game winner.

Fans of a Schrodinger’s playoff team generate this quantum superposition by attempting to objectively reason how their team still has a chance to win the series, etc. In other words, they can figuratively not observe the contents of the “box” by denial or some other mechanism, thus creating the simultaneous states. As more losses accumulate and a hopeless enviroment begins to affect the system, a Schrodinger’s playoff team shifts towards a more typical “dead man walking” team, a subtle yet distinct difference.

Further Usage: I suppose the term could be generalized and expanded, such as a Schrodinger’s playoff franchise (e.g. Jazz, Phoenix), or even simply a Schrodinger’s NBA team (e.g. Pacers post-2004), further investigations are suggested.

Additional Notes: No, I don’t know where you can purchase a LeBron James geiger counter.

Additional Notes #2: Yes, the Duncan 3 still haunts my dreams. I’m not even going to post the YouTube of it because it makes me sadface. (sorry wolfman)

A thought experiment for fans who haven’t lost hope in their team.


Editors note. Today’s WotS is done by long time Bulls fan and Silent Assassin writer Jens P aka JP8. Thanx dude.


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