Word on the Street

Basketball Princess (bas-kit-bawl prin-ses) noun. A female player, considered to have the qualities or characteristics of a princess, style, power, charisma and a graceful shot.

Usage example: “Becky Hammon is the crown basketball princess of the WNBA.”

Word history: I was playing Mario Hoops 3-on-3 on my Nintendo DS. Me, being a old Super Mario buff, choose Mario (of course), but I wouldn’t win shit, with that character. So in a desperate move, (it was either that, or chuckin’ the DS out the window) I changed character to Princess Peach. See and behold, her shot was killing the opposition! Granted that the game is nothing like the real thing, if it was, I would be collecting gold coins after every baseline jumper I took. But the character, fits a certain type of real players, so I thought, just go with it. Can you say: New word?

The original basketball princess. And…


…her crown replacement!


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