Word on the Street

Earthquake (urth-kweyk) noun. When a heavy player falls down, something that is severely disruptive; upheaval.

Usage example: “Oliver Miller fakes right, fakes left, trips, falls on his ass. …Earthquake!”

Word history: Another phrase coined and invented by the basketball princess Yvonne. It’s more of a saying than a actual word. In a recent game, Yvonne guarded a …how do I say it? …weight challenged guard. This robust woman, had tree trunks for legs, I swear to God, she was compact! On one posession down the court, Yvonne took the charge… just stept right in her way and got the foul. Besides from some bruises and a crushed ribcage, (You couldn’t take a charge on this player without getting hurt… I garan-fuckin-tee it!) Y made it out alive. Now… to my point: She actually made this mammoth fall on her ass. (?) amazing! Yvonne told me later that she wanted to yell: …Earthquake! But she was afraid of picking up a tech. Hahahaha! Damn, a new word was born, thanks Y.

Earth-astic extra: Doing some research, I found that the phrase can be used in other areas of life as well. The clip below is from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show.


Earth-astic extra II: When I search the net for a fitting picture to go with today’s post. I started cracking up, the phrase is extra funny, when you yell out loud …Earthquake! every time you see a “big” picture, just try it on the pics below!

” …Earthquake!”


” …Ear… (???) …Waterquake!”


” …Earthquake!”


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