Word on the Street

The Lemony Step (thi lem-uhni step) noun. A post game -or/and shot celebration, where a player grabs his shorts and take one big step forward, slaming his foot down into the ground, almost touching the ground with the other legs knee.

Usage example: “When Kobe made that amazing shot last night, he celebrated by doing the lemony step.”

Word history: A Silent Assassin original, coined and performed almost every week by a buddy in my pickup league, Fermin. Fermin also plays soccer, so I can see that he needed a post game gesture in basketball as well. I first saw it when Fermin out of nowhere took a crazy half-hook shot from 3-point range with one hand… swish, nothing but net. He then walked to the side of the court and did the lemony step. The word lemony comes from Fermin’s nickname back in the days. I thought about calling it the Fermin Step, but lemony sounds better. (I guess it’s up for debate.)

As the Lemony Step is a new word, there’s no pictures or clips to find. (of course) But I found this clip of a post free throw celebration. I give to you… Gary Neal from the Spurs.


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