Word on the Street

Pull a Stockholm (pool ey stawk-hawlm) noun. pulled a Stockholm, pulling a Stockholm To nonchalant, coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited drag your fingers true your hair when back on defense after a made shot.

Usage example: “The player made a layup in traffic, jogged back on D, and pulled a stockholm.”

Word history: Coined by a fellow baller in my pickup league Alex “A-Train” Strandberg when visiting a EOS game in Lund. One of the players in EOS Basket had a very nonchalant way of doing everything on court. He wouldn’t dive for the loose ball, he took stupid 3-pointers with defenders in his face, (Note that he was a center???) he didn’t help on the week side, and so on. But after a layup in the 3rd quarter, he walked …he didn’t run …back  on defense, where he dissed a team mates high five, and dragged his fingers true his hair, looking like he had no interested in the game at all.

I shouted: “Fuck I hate those Stockholm fags!” and Alex responded: “He’s pulling a Stockholm.”

Brat-tastic extras: Bratticus Nobilis is latin for what we in Sweden call “stekare” (”fryer”) or “brat” as in spoiled child. Bratticus nobilis are usually young guys with gelled hair combed backwards, a plain but expensive shirt, tight trousers, and with their head slightly tilted backwards so as to better look down on others.

They live on champagne and oysters and usually don’t mate outside their breed. They drive nice cars that their dads pay for and they frequently emit “eeeee”-sounds.

Bratticus Nobilis can be spotted in different parts of Stockholm. Mostly around Stureplan and Lidingö.  There is no risk of them going extinct anytime soon.

You can find these pink-shirt-wearing-daddy-money-spending-a-holes in every sport.


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