Word on the Street

Hedge (hej) noun. verb. hedged, hedging Any barrier or boundary, a way to defend a pick and roll by using a hedge in defense.

Usage example: “The New Orleans Hornets doesn’t have a real big man on the block so they have to depend on the hedge many times in their defense.”

Word example: When hedging out on defense, you (1) are simply sliding out to prevent the attacking guard (Red X) from driving to the hoop. Ex. Your team mate (2) that’s guarding the other teams guard (Red X) is being screened on the highpost by (White X). You as a backup just take one step up and prevent the guard using the screen to his advantage. When he pulls back out again, you slip down again. Simple? Thanx to Alex for the reminder.

Defender 1 is the key, when ball handler (Red X) tries to drive baseline after a screen. Defender 1 jump out and blocks the free lane.


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