Word on the Street

Lotion (loh-shuhn) noun. a liquid cosmetic, usually containing agents for soothing or softening the skin, especially that of the face or hands. Another word for playing with yourself.

Usage example: “LeBron James came to practice smelling like strawberries, he must have used the lotion before training.”

Word example: Lotion is just another saying in the neverending line of phrases to use when makin’ yourself happy. Coined by myself in my pickup league, when one of the players came to practice smelling like summer breeze. The phrase originated in the movie Silence of the Lambs (1991). Other examples include: Smooth Eve, Pulling the Prick, Rubbing the Nob, Wankin’ the Meat, Happy Time, Oil it up, Bankin’ the Box etc.

Well, I know this is the wrong part. The picture and/or video time. There’re literally thousands upon thousands of fucked up images on the net. Problem is that I didn’t wanna search and especially look true all of them. So I decided to type “wanker” and take the first picture I found, …see and behold, this is what came up (no pun intended). I always said that soccer was a fucked up sport.

The disturbing part? Everybody finds it funny??!!


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