Word on the Street

Pis I Hoved Mand (pis eh hoovd manth) noun. The Danish way to say that you -or your team are out of place.

Usage example: “A baller in my pickup league can’t play defense worth a shit, and still he proclaimes it every night. That player has got pis i hoved mand.”

Word history: The phrase doesn’t come from basketball, it comes from one of my fellow scandinavian co workers, who is danish by the way. At least once a day, Keld is using this phrase. Ex. When somebody is telling him that he got to work late, he always say: “You’ve got pis i hoved mand.” I found the phrase so perfect and hilirious in so many ways, so without thinking about it, I brought it to my basketball practice one evening. A player goes up and fouls me hard, then he just kept on playing. (everybody else stopt playing, thinking that it had to be a foul) I picked myself up from the floor and yelled: Pis i hoved mand! Now… the game stopt and everybody was looking with a puzzled look: What??

This picture (If you don’t count the fact that somebody actually took it?) has got nothing to do with today’s post. I just find it HI-LI-RI-OUS!


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