Be Gay For A Day

Superheroes have feelings too!

This morning I found my old Batman comic book collection. I must have been one of the biggest fans the caped crusader ever had. Come on, I’ve followed his adventures, first on televison then in the books. I never thought that something was up between him and Robin. But now later on, when I think about, I should have known that there was something wrong. A grownup running around in his latex underwear with a boy in yellow tights at his side??!! That screams loud and clear right there.

Is Batman -or is he not gay?

“Is Batman gay? Actually, I know the answer to that, but I’m not allowed to say. The government commissioned a report on the matter and everybody who worked on it is now dead. So, you’ll have to draw your own conclusions. Let me just say this, Batman is no more gay than Wonder Woman is into bondage or the Flash is into red latex. Batman did not have inappropriate dealings with any of the seemingly endless stream of little fellas he kept around like a Bangkok colonialist and that should settle the matter. Now we need to put this mass right-wing conspiracy behind us because he has to get back to work for the American people. Now the Joker on the other hand…”

I was hooked, and behold the internet is filled (no pun intended) with gay superheroes, like this fellow right here:

Behold, it’s… Pride Man.


This next player is the bad guy, I think it’s scary when you come to the conlusion that he uses kids play things as part of his outfit.

The Craddle Robber is a dirty scoundrel.


Now this next hero is just a sad story. I can imagine that this poor fellow just made his own halloween outfit, and thought that it looked really cool and awsome. He proberbly had some mean friends that pushed him into it, and now he’s stuck with that picture on thousands of sites, ya well.

Captain Freedom, pushing his manhood in all the dark holes of America.


There’s one super hero out there who’s helping the less, what’s the word… butt-ugly-sum-bitches, finding love.

Erotica – The Angel of Love, just doing his part.


The next hero, or maybe I should say hero duo, got their insperation from Batman & Robin. As a twist, these fellows actually follows the bad guys to jail for some after show party.

The G Spot Dudes, fighting crime and likes doing time.


All the way from ancient Rome, frozen in time and waken in our century, behold it’s:

Ceasar Toss-the-Salat. (I know some of you got that)


Who’s saying that you have to be young to be a man-love fighter, the next hero is a perfect example for all ages.

The not-so-straight Peter Pan. (I would imagine that Michael Jackson would look something like this, if he still lived) Boooo! …To early for that subject?


And from Central America comes this roller skating superhero.

In Spanish his name means: Long Tong Schlong!


The next “superhero” has become my favorite amongs the pack. He enjoys long walks on the beach and solving crossword puzzles.

Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no …it’s Hello Kitty Man. With the power to make alot of money on some shitty ass Japanese character. (Am I the only one to spot a wrong here? …Hello Kitty? I thought the-not-so-straight didn’t like pussy?)


Our next entrance (no pun intended) is a half breed mixture. I can’t really tell if this is a dude or a chick?

Just called the Spankster. She/he is great for your birthday party’s and those lonely nights when you feel like getting whipped.


Damn almost done, stay with me alittle bit longer. Next hero is also a mixture. His mother proberbly ate something radioactive when giving birth to him, nevertheless, I give to you: The Incredible Bulk.

Bulk …Smash! And then eat …while looking hot in Bulks pinkish size XXXXXL panties!


Now we have come to the end of the road, and here is a picture that’s actually related to this story. Robin the boy wonder, in all his gayness!


Ok, sorry not quite done yet, I found this while surfing for po.. eehhh never mind, a friend gave it to me.

I know what you think, and NO, it’s not a sex blow-up doll. It’s a Superman Snugglers for kids??!! (Come on and say it with me… SO WRONG, SO VERY WRONG!)


Now U2 can bone the hollywood elite.

(Be Gay For A Day 10/2 2011 @ 14.30)

I couldn’t get that blow-up Superman doll out of my head, so I went online again to find some more “toys”.

On the subject. Lets make something really clear. I do not porn surf the net, I just stumble across this on a friends computer.

She loves “BIG” …!


Pipedream Products has released their Super Stars Series of blow-up dolls. Now you can bang Sarah Jessica Parker in her “3 fabulous love holes!”

“Sex in her shitty!” Genius!

Also in the line: Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Tori Spelling, Pamela Anderson and Eva Longoria.

Sorry, but how the fuck did Tori Spelling make it into that crowd? You can buy ‘em and collect them all!

Listen Tony! I respect you as a player, but you had your chance with Eva. Tonight I’m going on a date with miss Longoria, and I have the feeling I’m getting lucky. (fingers crossed)


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