Word on the Street

Hedgehog (hej-hog, -hawg) noun. Hedgehoging When a player hiddes the ball with his hand -or and arm, bending his body to a little ball, to protect it when driving the two steps to the basket.

Usage example: “Muggsy Bogues was one of those players that used to hedgehog. Because of his height he would have to protect the ball the last two steps to the basket.”

Word history: Another Silent Assassin original, the word, not the phrase, started when we build a team back in Eslöv for the Division 3. We needed a name for it, and Eslöv is known to have alot of hedgehogs in spring. Soo… Easy said, easy done. It left my mind for all those years, up until now resently, when we played ball in Lund. Basketball princess Yvonne, usually does this move: Start behind the arc, takes 2-3 dribbles, then hiddes the ball and curl up to a hedgehog, taking two steps and hoist the ball just underneath the basket. It’s almost impossible to steal the ball because it’s protected the last bit. See and behold, a new word is born. Thanks Y.


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